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Books are available in many forms nowadays, including the classic paperback and the modern ebook. There are other forms of books, but we will only be discussing paperback and ebook today.

Ebooks seem to be a clear winner as they offer convenience and are environmentally friendly, but are they really more popular? Platforms like Kindle offer hundreds of thousands of amazing ebook options, and sales are skyrocketing.

Paperback books are classic and have been a tried and true for years. The modern-day version of paperback books made its appearance in 1935.

First, we’ll compare the pros and cons of each…

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As a young teen, I always dreamed of writing a novel and becoming a successful author. After I graduated high school, I immediately went into the traditional nine to five workforce and put my unrealistic dreams aside.

My hopes of being an author seemed all too farfetched; even the hope of ever being self-employed seemed out of reach. I spent three years working routine labor jobs for various employers. Not a single of these jobs made me feel happy; they made me feel quite the opposite — stressed, overwhelmed, and underappreciated.

Something had to change. I was fed up with…

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You’ve finally completed your masterpiece, and you want to start the book launch ASAP. But wait — you need to hire an editor first. You might think that you can edit and proofread all by yourself, but that’s not the case.

As editors, we’ve heard it all before. Authors saying that they will just self-edit and then dive headfirst into publishing. Unfortunately, that puts you, as an author, and your book at serious risk. Authors often believe that self-editing is a cost-effective method and that in the long run, it won’t make any difference; they couldn’t be more wrong.


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If you are starting out as a freelancer, everything may seem overwhelming. There’s so much that you have to do when starting your career: setting your prices, networking, and designing your website. Having a well-designed webpage is essential, but if it doesn’t contain the right information, potential clients may take their business elsewhere.

So what do you need on your freelancing webpage? Here are the top five things to include on your website.

  1. The service(s) you offer. How will potential clients choose you if they don’t even know what services you offer? They won’t. Your website should ideally have a…

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Crimson blood dripped softly from Marna’s lips; a small pool of red liquid gathered at her feet. Her petite frame quivered in fear of the robust figure looming over her. The man, tall as a mountain, spoke harshly, “Get up!”

The young woman could barely talk, her voice was raspy and quiet, “Please…I — I can’t.” She tried to lift her body from the cold concrete floor of the cell but to no avail. Her arms buckled, and she hit the floor with a thud; a faint whimper escaped her throat.

“Leave her alone!” a voice called out from across…

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Writing a novel is a hard enough task, let alone trying to find the perfect editor for your book. Nowadays, it seems like there are so many freelance editors and small editing businesses out there, but which one is the right one for you?

There are a plethora of factors to take into consideration when searching for an editor: price, what is their editing style, what type of editing you need, does their personality mesh well with yours, and are you just trying to build a business relationship or a friendship as well? …

Mariah Jackson

Editor, content writer, and creative.

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